Teambuilding in Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

With the goal connecting and making all employees’ working lives become plentiful, in May, D-Hearts launched a teambuilding event for all of the office at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort sits at the countryside of Hanoi. The bus of D-Hearts office stops, the doors opened revealing a colorful bright sight, green of plants, blue of sky, water and beautiful flowers in the most natural way. Indeed, Flamingo does bring to all of D-Hearts office a healthy, joyful and meaningful day.


One of the games that improve teamwork among employees in this teambuilding event is team game. All including D-Hearts members and their families are divided into 3 teams, joining to 3 games. With each game, all members join and try their best, show their strategies and their efforts. Despite difficulties, joy and excitement are all shown on the members’ face.

This time with the teambuilding event is one impressively important milestone for the company not only because of the joy, excitement and happy moments it brings but also because it is 5-year-anniversary of D-Hearts, which marks a far-enough road that D-Hearts already reached. On this anniversary, the staffs have a chance to show their appreciation with the loyal members who already joined and dedicated to the company for a long time. The staff and all of the members share their hope and expect more improvement from D-Hearts in the future.