Supporting Welfare System : Dice Welfare

From July, Kayac Ha Noi will run the welfare system which is called as “Dice Welfare”.
Each month, in addition to contract’s salary, employees will receive a seperated welfare ( This welfare is calculated by % of salary. And % is decided by dice rolling result.) This does not mean total amount of salary is decided by dice’s rolling.
The rate is set as below


For example, if employee’s salary is 500 USD and that employee rolled into 6, then his amount of welfare should be 3% of 500 USD which is 30 USD. Monthly salary stays the same.
※ Beside the upper rule, we have additional rules. Such as ” If employee rolled the same number in 3 consecutive months, then in the 3rd month employee will have a double amount of welfare”

Dice Welfare is not only made to execute new, interesting ideas but also comes from the idea of ” It’s hard for a human to judge another human. Because judgement can be affected by emotion. Self-recognition which is based on objective judgement is important but you need to keep the emotions made from that judgement aside and enjoy life. So, let’s leave the judgement to God’s will”. Basically, this is a judging system with NO JUDGEMENT at all.

In order to make our employees relaxing and feeling happy, this system has been run since the day Kayac was founded.