Hello Summer 2017

As a matter of fact, KAYAC HANOI has a bright, creative working environtment. Our leaders and staff follow the motto: ” Work hard. Play well.” . And after a year of non-stop working, this year’s July, our company has held a travel trip of 3 days 2 nights for all of our staff. This trip was planned in order to let our staff enjoy themselves as well as strengthen the bond between us. Our staff had quality time with their families, co-workers. We have relieved ourselves from daily stresses. increased our productivity and improve the power of our company.

Da Nang is a young city with rapid development in recent years. In just a few year, it has risen to become the most “worth living” city in Vietnam.
In the past it had only one symbol : the revolving bridge on Han river. Now Da Nang has added many other symbols to its collection such as : Dragon bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge or the sculpture of Carp Turns Into Dragon and also many other activities of tourism. Other attractions of Da Nang is the friendly nature of local people, the long and beautiful coastal line and many food with unique styles from all around this city.



To make sure our staff have a meaningful and cheerful trip, our HR staff have prepared teambuilding and Gala Night with many surprises and funny activities. That worked well and our staff found themselves joined in the dynamic atmosphere in no time.

In the splendid evening of Da Nang, we participated in many team game. We played together, laughed together and built up our bond. In those games we were split into 3 teams and played 3 games. In each game our staff showed their enthusiasm, tatical mind and determination. No matter how tired we are, each one of us kept playing hard and laughing till the last moment.


After an evening of team buidling game, we had a Gala Night.


Gala Night was prepared carefully by 3 teams of participants. It included an exciting Flashmob competition and a contest named Mr Kayac 2017.
Mr Kayac 2017 has made a strong impression on everyone because we’ve never thought our co-workers could be that talented. One performance that made us both excited and moved was Mr. Hà Đoàn’s. It demonstrated the lifetime of Kayac from its foundation to growing process. Mr. Hà Đoàn was also the man that was entitled as “Mr. Kayac 2017”.


This trip is unqiue because it has not only exciting games and relaxations but also it has so many memories and chances for our staff to express themselves and becomes a landmark on Kayac Hanoi’s journey of growing. In this event, our leaders have shown their gratitude to our staff, who have been there since the first day and kept devoting themselves to the growth of Kayac Hanoi. Our staff as well as our leaders are looking forward to a continuous growth of Kayac Hanoi in future.