Sports day: Funny and healthy

As we mentioned before, Kayac is a company which focuses on team building activities. As soon as winter comes, we have held Sports Day. Not only helping us in connecting with each other, but Sport Day also reminds us of training to improve our health.
All staffs in our company were divided into 4 teams. These teams are separated by headbands’ colour. Organizing committee has chosen 8 games to test our stamina, handiness and speed.
Some of our favorite games:
_ Run in 5 styles: This is a race with 5 levels. Each level has a specific style of running. For example: running backward, 2 people 3 legs style etc…
_ Capture the flag : This is Vietnamese traditional game. Each team has 5 members, numbered from 1 to 5. When their numbers are called, those members must try to capture the flag without being touched by other members.
_ Stand on the paper: This game require good calculation and endurance. 8 members of a team must stand within an A4 size paper. The longer a team can stay, the higher rank that team get.
After a morning of playing, all of us was sweating but we all felt happy and comfortable. Sports day is also the inspiration for Kayac to make Sports club in the future. We’ll update about that in future articles, keep reading.